Keyzer & de Boer


A positive verdict for any broadcaster The series is set in a small law firm in Amsterdam, where the lives of the lawyers and their secretary are dominated by their cases, and of course clashes of personalities.

Marius de Boer, or ‘Cookie’ to his old friends, is one of the old founders of the firm. He comes from a bourgeois family and in his time has made a great deal of money. Marius is not your typical lawyer, however. For him, the law is a means of helping the oppressed and Keyzer & De Boer take on a great deal of legal aid work, alongside, their high profile cases. Around Marius are lawyers whose personalities are as different as their caseloads. Every law firm has room for a ruthless lawyer and this role goes to Pim Batenburg. Pim is a partner in Keyzer & De Boer Advocaten. He likes the big criminal cases with a lot of media attention. He likes to show off using the tough-guy language he has picked up from his clients. The junior lawyers are Hannah, Maarten and Ricky. They work hard, are ambitious but like to have some fun too. And finally, Nina Bisschot is the lynchpin of the firm. She is the mentor – perhaps even mother figure - for the trainees; in fact, she even refers to them as ‘the children’ . Don’t let this exterior fool you though – she will stop at nothing to win a case.



Production year:2005 - 2007

Release:Oktober 2005

Duration:54 x 50 minuten



Cast & crew


Bram van der Vlugt Daan Schuurmans Daphne Bunskoek Henriette Tol Mara van Vlijmen Porgy Franssen Roos Ouwehand

Director:Anne van der Linden & Diederik van Rooijen

service production

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