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Love, Sex and Friendship

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Love, Sex and Friendship


Fantasy often turns out to be more fun than reality!

Everyone wants an ideal life. So do our heroes in the comic drama series 'Lieve Lust' (Love, Sex and Friendship). Two women and four men looking for love. Humorous, sophisticated and familiar!

Six hip big-city thirty-somethings are continually looking for perfection in love and sex. They miss the magic and are disappointed their lives have not taken the turns they hoped for. The time of endless opportunities has passed: now it’s important not to miss the boat. The ominous age of 40 is rapidly approaching and then it might be too late!

But the fear of making the wrong choice is suffocating. And if the choice does get made, it often turns out to be the wrong one. In other words, fantasy is often much more fun than surrounding yourself to a harsh reality. 'Lieve Lust' (Love, Sex and Friendship) offers the viewer an intimate glimpse into the life of today’s thirty-somethings. Full of warmth and humour!



Production year:2005

Release:Augustus 2005

Duration:13 x 25 minuten



Cast & crew


Angela Schijf Birgit Schuurman Frederik Brom Jeroen Spitzenberger Romijn Conen Waldemar Torenstra

Director:Mark de Cloe