Ordinary People


Ordinary people hit the jackpot – or do they? A sudden windfall. What would you do with six million?

Two unprivileged families in a small village, unexpectedly win the lottery jackpot. Now the ordinary people; the cleaner, the butcher and the dog walker; can finally take revenge on their former employers. Each family has their own way of dealing with their sudden wealth and lifestyle change. However, it soon becomes clear that greed can bring out the worst in people.



Production year:2008

Release:Maart 2009

Duration:13 x 43 minuten



Cast & crew


Annick Boer Frans van Deursen Jack Wouterse Joey van der Velden Lieke Antonisen Lieneke le Roux Melody Klaver Pim Wessels Roos Netjes Sander van Amsterdam Stephan Evenblij

Script:Ralph Schippers, Gwen Eckhaus, Ger Apeldoorn, Justus van Oel

Director:Ron Termaat, Erik van 't Wout, Thomas Korthals Altes

service production

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