Goals & Lipstick


Four Dutch soccer stars' wives stand by their man, as his success determines her life and some's children's. But often they rather complicate all their lives.



Production year:2006 - 2009

Release:Maart 2007

Duration:46 x 45 minuten


Broadcaster:Talpa / RTL

Cast & crew


Barry Atsma Bas Muijs Frans van Deursen Joep Sertons Leontine Borsato Lone van Rosendaal Marit van Bohemen Marloes Dirks Mike Weerts Nicolette van Dam Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen

Script:Ralph Schippers, Ingrid van den Heuvel, Simone Duwel, Annelou Verboon, Hieke Wienke Jans, Jasper Beerthuis e.a.

Director:Tim Oliehoek, Harald van Eck, Hans Scheepmaker, Marc Willard

service production

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The Netherlands has a wide range of both classic locations and modern architecture, flatlands, wide meadows and ‘polders’, beaches, castles and spacious houses. Being a small nation, all locations can be reached within limited time from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Our crews are very flexible and English speaking.
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