TV Series

SpangaS on Summer Vacation

SpangaS on Summer Vacation


In this spin-off drama series of Spangas we follow the summer adventures of ten pupils of the Spangalis College, from a surfing holiday and being discovered as a model to a boring summer job in the supermarket.



Production year:2018 - 2019

Release:Juni 2018

Duration:20 x 20 minuten



Sales:Dutch Features Global Entertainment

Cast & crew


Bruno Prent Claudia Kanne Iris Amber Stenger Iris van Loen Joe Sinduhije Renée de Gruijl Siawaash Cyrroes Stephanie van Eer Tara Hetharia Timo Wils Tobias Oelderik Yeliz Dogan

Script:Brian de Vore, Nick Jongerius, Diana Sno, Gerben Hetebrij, Ceciel Jacobs

Director:Nick Jongerius

service production

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