Eleven years ago, the big dream of Hanna (Rifka Lodeizen) and Paul (Stefan de Walle) was fulfilled: they became a mom and dad of a little girl from Uganda, Zawadi. Meanwhile, Zawadi (Lexie Nkundimana) is a blushing adolescent of almost 14 and life is good. Until Hanna sees a report in which the orphanage of their daughter is associated with child trafficking. The doubt strikes over Zawadi's background. Determined to find out the truth, Hanna goes back to Uganda and faces a horrible dilemma; what do you do with the truth when it can destroy everything you love?



Production year:2017

Release:April 2018

Duration:4 x 45 minuten



Cast & crew


Joke Tjalsma Lexie Nkundimana Rifka Lodeizen Stefan de Walle

Script:Rita Horst, Jacqueline Epskamp, Marc Linssen, Roeland Linssen, Marco van Geffen

Director:Rita Horst

service production

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