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Made for eachother


Felix enjoys single life to the max; he is happy with a life without a steady relationship and kids. Until a one night stand causes a bizarre incident. When Felix, after the incident, wakes up in hospital, he is diagnosed ‘unfertile’ for the remainder of his life. When starting a family suddenly isn’t an option anymore, the thirty-something suddenly dreads the fact that he will never become a father. His brother Jelle discovers that one donation of his brother to the spermbank has found it’s way to an egg cell. The egg cell of tv-host Jip. From that moment on Felix is determined to become a father of the only child he will ever have, whether Jip has a boyfriend, or not…



Production year:2016

Release:20 april 2017

Duration:93 minuten

Distributor:Dutch FilmWorks

Cast & crew


Beau van Erven Dorens Birgit Schuurman Eva van de Wijdeven Fabian Jansen Ferdi Stofmeel Loes Haverkort Martijn Hillenius Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen Nicky ten Hoorn Roeland Fernhout Sanne Vogel

Script:Oorspronkelijk scenario: Sebastiaan Wehlings, Christian Lyra, Andrea Willson, Murmel Clausen, Matthias Schweighofer, scenariobewerking: Marion Pauw & Dirk Gerritsen

Director:Martijn Heijne

Co-producer:RTL Entertainment



Gouden Film - 2017