Younger Days


A group of friends – musicians, ex-musicians and their companions – gather in an old house (once a squat) in the countryside to scatter the ashes of their friend and hero, KAS. They were all invited by Kas’ heavily pregnant girlfriend SALLIE, to give a fitting send-off to their friend.

The charismatic Kas – singer and frontman of the grungy garage band they all played in – passed away 7 months previously. Kas was the oldest of the group and an inspiration, role-model and confidant to the rest. The friends are now all aged around 50, and for many of them life hasn’t turned out the way they expected.

The friends are really happy to see one another again and the weekend promises to be fun, chaotic and fuelled by drink, just like in the good old days. But the balance is disrupted when LO appears in the company of 26-year-old DELPHINA. Through her curiosity, free-spirited Delphina unintentionally but painfully exposes everyone’s weaknesses – including Kas’.

The relaxed atmosphere degenerates into conflict and revelations. The memories that emerge are very different seen from the points of view of the different members of the group, and history is rewritten.



Production year:2017

Release:19 oktober 2017

Duration:81 minuten

Distributor:September Film

Cast & crew


Anniek Pheifer Ariane Schluter Bas Keijzer Cees Geel Hannah Hoekstra Johan Heldenbergh Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld Monic Hendrickx Steef Cuijpers Thijs Boermans

Script:Paula van der Oest & Rifka Lodeizen

Director:Paula van der Oest



Da Vinci Award: Beste Film, Best Screenwriting (Rifka Lodeizen & Paula van der Oest), Best Directing (Paula van der Oest), Best Cinematography (Guido van Gennep), Best Editing (Eline Bakker), Best Supporting Role Male (Steef Cuijpers) en Best Supporting Role Female (Ariane Schluter, Hannah Hoekstra) - 2018

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