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Based on the successful American comedy Roseanne.

The focus of AAF is a middle-class family that shares all its daily ups-and-downs with the audience. From marriage, family life and the eternal strife within the household to the children becoming teenagers and all-embracing family love. The cast is made up of mother Aaf (Annet Malherbe), father Ton (Bas Keijzer), oldest daughter Marie (Lisa Zweerman), younger daughter Jozefien (Mechteld Jungerius) and son Bennie (Nick Geest). Aaf’s interfering sister, Jacky, is played by Jelka van Houten.

The 2nd season in currently in production and will be launched in 2014 (Fall).



Production year:2012 - 2015

Release:Maart 2013

Duration:22 x 25 minuten


Broadcaster:RTL 4

Sales:Remake van Amerikaanse serie 'Roseanne'

Cast & crew


Annet Malherbe Bas Keijzer Jelka van Houten Lisa Zweerman Mechteld Jungerius Nick Geest

Script:Frank Houtappels & Joan Nederlof

Director:Hans Somers