All-in Kitchen


Dutch comedy series in which good friends Tjé and Hein set off in search of a new aim in life, an apartment and a new woman. After Hein’s brother Philip, a professional poker player and the group’s breadwinner, leaves for America, the pair have to fend for themselves. Things seem to be going well when businessman Bert asks them to save his friend Marcel’s restaurant.

The attempts by the two of them to turn the business around have hilarious but catastrophic consequences. Tjé and Hein finally come up with a highly unusual solution: to allow the diners to play poker for the bill after their meals.



Production year:2016

Release:Oktober 2016

Duration:10 x 20 minuten


Broadcaster:RTL / Videoland

Cast & crew


Géza Weisz Javier Guzman Kiki van Deursen Lisa Zweerman Manuel Broekman Nick Golterman Teun Kuilboer

Script:Wijo Koek, Philip Rölig, Brian de Vore, Anna Drijver

Director:Kees van Nieuwkerk, Jon Karthaus

service production

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The Netherlands has a wide range of both classic locations and modern architecture, flatlands, wide meadows and ‘polders’, beaches, castles and spacious houses. Being a small nation, all locations can be reached within limited time from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Our crews are very flexible and English speaking.
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