Black Tulip


This Dutch drama series follows two families in the bulb-growing region of the Netherlands as they compete with one another to cultuvate the rare black tulip. All the while struggling with financial problems, family dramas and impossible loves. Black Tulip is the first Dutch series exclusively produced for a video-on-demand platform.

Black Tulip is an exciting combination of mystery, murder, revenge, romance and the dilemmas surrounding an impossible mission, an impossible love and an impossible murder. 



Production year:2014 - 2016

Release:Maart 2015

Duration:24 x 45


Broadcaster:RTL / Videoland

Sales:Dutch Features Global Entertainment

Cast & crew


Abbey Hoes Anna Drijver Benja Bruijning Carolien Spoor Gijs Naber Hadewych Minis Huub Stapel Linda van Dyck Marcel Musters Nasrdin Dchar Pim Lambeau Puck van Stijn Raymond Thiry Renee Fokker Roeland Fernhout Willem Voogd

Script:Karin van der Meer, Jacqueline Epskamp, Wim Hoen, Anna Pauwels & Edward Stelder

Director:Ben Sombogaart, Ties Schenk, Vincent Schuurman, Shariff Korver, Johan Timmers, Ineke Houtman

service production

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