The village of Rijland is a quiet and rural. Things are not what they seem though, because when the holidays come around, the village’s children have the craziest adventures. The youth series VRijland revolves around the children’s experiences over the holidays.

Some children are new to the village and have to fight for their position; others have lived there their entire lives. Some seek adventure, others are secretly in love. There is dancing and ditch jumping. Friends stick up for each other and pull pranks. Cows are milked and mopeds repaired.

Everyone is different and together they live in a very ordinary village. From farmer’s family to foster home and from chip shop owner’s family to a single parent family. Ponies, sheep, rabbits, cows and a loyal dog also live there. Dreams, friends, adventures, parents, animals, friendships and love alternate. There is always something going on in VRijland.



Production year:2010 - 2013

Release:Oktober 2010

Duration:456 x 10



Cast & crew


Abbey Hoes Annette Barlo Bob van der Woude Dimme Treurniet Emilie Pos Eva Leanne Oosters Finn Poncin Jelmer Ouwerkerk Jim Stuurman Joost Koning Kim Coelewij Luuk Hartog Selin Akkulak Serge Mensink Sietske van der Bijl Tobias Kersloot Valerie Pos

Script:Anjali Taneja, Simone Duwel, Sabine van den Eynden, Gerben Hetebrij, Liesbeth Strik, Pasja van Dam, Michiel Bonset, Marciel Witteman, Bart Koene, Lidewij Martens, Patrick Limpkens

Director:Barbara Bredero, Kaj Driessen, Jop de Vries, Hans Somers, Mannin de Wildt, Janice Piere, Nick Jongerius, Diede in 't Veld, Harald van Eck, Aram van de Rest

service production

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