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Mother I want to join the Caberet

Mother I want to join the Caberet


During the second half of the 1950s, small green shoots of prosperity gradually start to break through in the Netherlands – but not for Bob, his father Jacob and four sisters. As the son of the village coalman, Bob is destined to take over his father’s business: an unpromising one, as more and more people start to switch over to oil.

When Bob’s cousin Arnold invites him to see a show in town, he is immediately smitten. Not only by the glitter and glamour of the revue, but also by Jeanne – a young woman whose father owns a shop selling modern domestic appliances. Bob moves to town and gets a job as a stagehand in the theatre, where he is able to watch John van Houten’s revue every day. Then he takes singing lessons and gets his first small part with Hagendoorn’s company…



Production year:2012

Release:Oktober 2012

Duration:8 x 40 minuten


Broadcaster:Omroep MAX

Cast & crew


Annet Malherbe Egbert-Jan Weeber Eva van de Wijdeven Gerrie van der Klei Huub Stapel Jon van Eerd Mike Weerts Noortje Herlaar Peter Blok

Script:Maarten Lebens & Paula van der Oest

Director:Rita Horst

Co-producer:Kemna & Zonen



Zilveren Nipkowschijf - 2013 LIRA Scenarioprijs - 2012

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